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We are inspired by

RIE Pikler and Reggio approaches to early learning

We are focused on

respect for the child as well as the environment.

We provide healthy meals

The meals are based on guidance from the Healthy Heart Associaton

We believe that all tamariki

accomplish milestones and learning in their own way

Our natural

Environment and responsibility's

We love our natural environment of loose parts and understand the responsibility and contribution that we all share by learning within it.
Tamariki are aware of routines, and explore a variety of planned and spontaneous experiences.
Tamariki are encouraged to take risks, problem solve and enjoy uninterrupted play.
It is our aim to encourage tamariki to be self-motivated learners by creating the foundation
for lifelong learning and develop a strong sense of belonging.


Welcome to the Pipi Room

Getting to know you and your child is our first priority!

Communication is the key to building relationships that are based on mutual respect and understanding.
Resource for Infant Educarers, or R.I.E. is a philosophy of caregiving that comes from Magda Gerber. The philosophy upon which Magda has built and incorporated in the following principles was originally conceived by Emmi Pickler, MD, in Hungry and is well known in Europe.
The foundation of the R.I.E. Philosophy and it’s principals is RESPECT! Caregivers who respect infants and toddlers have learned to see them as competent human beings who, like all humans, deserve to be treated respectfully.


Welcome to the Paua Room

Hello and welcome to Coast Kids on Karepiro and the Paua Room, we believe in providing a safe and welcoming space for children and their families which is supported by an open ended environment which encourages children to explore and develop their knowledge and skills, learning through play while building strong relationships between teachers, children and families. A rich and thought provoking environment acts as the third teacher for our children. Our teaching team prioritizes spending quality time with the children, listening to their stories and weaving the learning around them while talking to them. Respect is the key word and it is recognised in all aspects of our centre, through daily routines and rituals, interactions, activities and beyond.


  • Natural learning pre-school
  • Child Care Education
  • Preschool / Childcare –Whangaparaoa
  • Enrolling Children 0-5 years
  • Hibiscus Coast child care

Our menu is nutritious & delicious

We have a cook who is an important part of our team – the children all love chatting with her, as she does with them – she often spends time on the floor with the children. Our cook has created a nutritious delicious menu for the children – four weeks worth of meals, which rotate, The meals are based on guidance from the Healthy Heart Associaton, and the children love the attention and detail our cook gives to their meal and snacks.


Coast Kids on Karepiro

09 424 2866

16 Karepiro Drive Stanmore Bay